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 These shots were taken during two trips out to LA. The quality of the photos is not what I would like because one day I couldn't fly till late (that's why the long shadows) and the other day was extreamly hazy. However, thanks to Photoshop and a bit of reworking the colors the photos shown here should be at the very least, acceptable.


 Disney from about 2,000ft





 It's a Small World

 Main Street

Mark Twain Steamboat

Haunted Mansion

  ---------The Castle




Big Thunder Mountain ===-------Splash Mountain/Haunted Mansion




 Looking toward Tomorrowland


Photos from 8-2000





 --The "Whole" thing

 DCA & Disney
Looking East

 -Disney Looking West




 --Frontierland Food Court under construction

 The Castle





 --North End Looking SW


 -Big Thunder Mountain Railroad




 --Frontierland Food Court under construction

 Casey Jr. Circus Train

 -Thunder Mountain Area




The Columbia


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